The Anglo-Omani Society’s SPOTLIGHT ON TAMNET

Oman British Business Council  SPOTLIGHT

TAMNET’s Co-Founder & COO Saleh Al Tamami shares his early foray into Fintech & Telecommunications with Oman British Business Council on The Anglo-Omani Society spotlight:

Somehow everyone knew my name and I was that guy who is handling that service. My phone rings loudly. “Saleh, we’re in the middle of a war room, get in here we need access to your systems!” said the hyper-driven telco executive. “War room?” I asked myself.

What seemed as a pool of sharks, dolphins and jelly fish, suddenly had mines and torpedoes?

Frantically I walk into a glass walled room with white boards for walls on one side, filled with diagrams and doctor’s-prescription-like hand writing. With a sweaty puffed face, to say the least, I smile to a room of anxious “solutions architects”, “product owners” and “customer segment experts”.

Of course, my laptop was running low on battery. They needed access to my systems ASAP. As I frantically hook up the charger to the electricity port underneath the board room table, I check to see if my laptop is charging, but lo and behold, it isn’t. They need access to my systems. A sweat drop hits my mouse pad.

“That outlet isn’t working” the product owner says. “see the sticker that says “not working?”. They all laugh. I die a little inside. Change outlets. Power on, let’s go.

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