Liberating Financial Technologies Through the Power of Machine Learning & AI with Ma'mun !

The Anglo-Omani Society’s SPOTLIGHT ON TAMNET

Oman British Business Council  SPOTLIGHT TAMNET’s Co-Founder & COO Saleh Al Tamami shares his early foray into Fintech & Telecommunications with Oman British Business Council…

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Part 2: CPaaS Use Cases and Trends in the Middle East and North Africa

So What is CPaaS ? Check out Part 1 of this series titled: Anything-as-a-Service (XaaS) – A Primer to Communications Platform-as-a-Service (CPaaS) for better context…

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Embedded Fintech Platform

Plug & Play AI-based Fintech superpowers to your business or application. Combine APIs to quickly launch and manage your fintech use-cases by mixing and matching between:

  • Score APIs to dynamically assign and monitor risk, reward, and opportunity.
  • Orchestrate APIs to accurately push, pull, and schedule transactions and data.

SaaS Startup Launching & Development

Developing in-house and partnership based SaaS platforms in niche, high-growth areas where we:

  • Design the business model
  • Validate the idea
  • Recruit the founders
  • Assemble the capital
  • Accelerate the business
  • Support the venture

Digital Transformation, Business & Tribal Leadership Advisory


  • Advising enterprises on their Digital Transformation, Customer Engagement, Business strategies road-map.
  • Affiliate member of John King & Partners, providing bespoke leadership consulting and coaching using the Tribal Leadership & Y-Strategy© principals

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